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The methanol industry spans the entire globe with production in Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. As of 2015, over 90 methanol plants have a worldwide production capacity of about 100 million metric tons. Methanol is used to produce acetic acid, formaldehyde, olefins, dimethyl ether and a number of other chemical intermediates. In 2011, methanol was one of the top 5 chemical commodities shipped around the world.  There are several streams analyzed in methanol manufacturing process for controlling and optimizing the main process units. Many of the gas streams in the methanol synthesis process pose significant challenges for traditional analyzers. The Optograf™ Analyzer provides a unique and robust solution for these challenging streams.

Typical Methanol Plant

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Application Notes
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  Stream Service Key Measurement
0 Methanol Production Analytics Overview   ME0
1 Natural Gas Feed to Primary Reformer Carbon Content ME1
2 Fuel Gas to Reformer Furnaces BTU ME2
3 Raw Syngas - Primary Reformer Outlet Composition / CH4 ME3
4 Raw Syngas - Secondary Reformer Outlet Composition H / CO / CO2 ME4
5 Raw Syngas from Gasifier Effluent Composition / CH4 ME5
6 Syngas after Scrubber Composition H2  / CO / CO2 ME6
7 Make-up Syngas Composition H2  / CO / CO2 ME7
8 Syngas to Methanol Reactor Composition H2  / CO / CO2 ME8
9 Methanol Synthesis Loop Recycle Composition ME9