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Hydrogen is the simplest and most abundant element on earth. In 2013, the annual production of hydrogen was estimated to be about 55 million tons with its consumption increasing by approximately 6% per year. Production is primarily from Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) of natural gas and much of this hydrogen is used in petroleum refineries, in the production of ammonia for fertilizers, and in the production of methanol.  In 2013, close to 50% of the global demand for hydrogen was produced via SMR of natural gas, about 30% from oil/naphtha reforming from refinery/chemical industrial off-gases, 18% from coal gasification, 3.9% from water electrolysis, and 0.1% from other sources.

Typical HyCO Plant

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Application Notes
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  Stream Service Key Measurement
Application Note  
0 HyCO Production Analytics Overview   HY0
1 Natural Gas Feed to Primary Reformer Carbon Number HY1
2 Fuel Gas to Reformer Furnaces BTU HY2
3 Raw Syngas - Primary Reformer Outlet Composition / CH4 HY3
4 Raw Syngas - Secondary Reformer Outlet Composition / CO HY4
5 High Temperature Shift Converter Outlet Composition / CO HY5
6 Low Temperature Shift Converter Outlet Composition / CO2 HY6
7 CO2 Absorber Outlet Feed to PSA Composition / CO2 HY7
8 PSA Unit H2 Stream Composition / H2 / N2 HY8
9 CO2 Recovery Stream from CO2 Absorber Unit CH4 Leakage HY9